Greek Dictatorship

Greek Left Review

Please note that in this weekend’s edition the National Herald has published an ad that celebrates the 1967 Junta and specifically the dictator G. Papadopoulos, with a photograph and the title “Vindicated”

See here:

This is an utterly shameful act that insults every Greek citizen, as well as the memory of those who were, exiled, tortured, and killed by the junta.

It is extremely important that you write to the editorial leadership of the Herald (addresses below) and demand that, at the very least, they publish the names of persons and/or organizations who paid for this ad, as well as an explicit repudiation of the views expressed thereof. Note that, as the ad is unsigned, it constitutes de facto the newspaper’s own position.

Those of you with connections to editors of Greek newspapers, please alert them to this despicable gesture, so that the NH is shamed publicly as well.

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